CTExcel Points


In order to give back more to our dedicated customers since their continuous support, CTExcel presents the points scheme -- “CTExcel Points”. CTExcel Points are the currency of My CTExcel. As a member of My CTExcel, you can collect the points and earn the CTExcel call credit.

How to collect CTExcel Points?

CTExcel Points is comprised of consumption points and bonus points. There are lots of ways to collect CTExcel Points – on calls, texts, data, even on subscribing bundles. You will get 1 point when you cost 1 penny with CTExcel mobile. Additionally, you will also win extra CTExcel points when you join “My CTExcel” or recommend your friends to order a CTExcel SIM card on the website or port a number from other operator into our network.

Expiration of CTExcel Points

The period of validity is 3 years. For example, the points that are generated on 01/01/2013 will not be cleared until 01/12/2015.

How to check your CTExcel Points?

1.Go to CTExcel website(www.ctexcel.com

2.Log on“My CTExcel

Where to spend your CTExcel Points?

Log on(www.ctexcel.com)to earn our special gifts.

*The 10000 points is given when the customer’s number is ported and activated on CTExcel network; you can redeem £5 call credit by using the 10000 points on condition that the first Top-up has been made.






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